Mrs Amatul Hafeez Salaam

The organisation of Lajna Imaullah was set up in London in the early fifties. The first President was Mrs. Naseem. She was the wife of Dr. Muhammad Naseem of Allahabad, India. Dr. Naseem was a retired Judge of Allahabad High Court. Mrs Naseem was very close to Begum Ikramullah,the wife of the then High Commissioner of Pakistan. Begum Ikramullah was the niece of Husain Shaheed Suhurwardi, who had served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Begum Ikramullah attended Lajna meetings at the mosque on many occasions.

Mrs Chaudhri Muhammad Ashraf took over from Mrs. Nasim, for a brief period, as Sadr Lajna London.In those early days Lajna was a very small organisation of a handful of ladies, but this was soon to change.